S.N.A.P. APP Tools for Tailoring Garments is officially launched!


Got home from the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals conference in Orlando 12 days ago on a high with ego restored ready to take on the world. It is amazing how recognition fills the heart and feeds the soul!


Glass trophy shown sitting on window sill in Orlando hotel framed the high rise in the distance perfectly.

The Outstanding Service to the Industry Award I received at conference gave me the courage to focus on finishing the newest version of the pricing system I developed several years ago as a stepping stone we need to complete the bridal alterations pricing next.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! S.N.A.P. APP Tools for Tailoring Garments is now officially launched. To read all about it, or to purchase a copy, visit my web store @sccanda.com/store and click on Pricing Systems.

If you would like to take a look at the new S.N.A.P. APP Pricing Calculator go to my You Tube channel. https://youtu.be/HnYPcaoISkE as I just posted 2 short “show and tell” videos there.


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