Pockets are fun to design!


Take a look at the pocket video I uploaded to my YouTube channel yesterday and imagine reshaping the pocket to give the pants an entirely different look — going from the shape marked in red to the shape marked in blue. Can you figure out how to develop the western pocket after seeing the slant pocket done?


Red lines are the slanted pocket used on the JSM Pants Block, but it could be a western pocket (as shown in blue) is more to your liking. There are lots of options for working the western-style pocket into the design. The dart could be incorporated into the pocket and slant added to center front and waist could come in a little at the side seam and then the dart could be removed.

There could be a back yoke added to continue the jeans look.This is Part 2 designing from the custom block so I’m jumping a head a bit but I thought you might like to see ahead.

I will guide you through applying pocket variations and much much more or feel free to try this on your own. You will be adding your design creativity to the basic block built in Part 1.

Come join the fun! The basic course begins Feb 15th with the Design course soon to follow. Go to courses.sccanda.com to enroll.



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