Making Changes in 2018 – Use Time-Saving Tools


If you want to change the outcome, you’ve got to change the process.

So what are the outcomes I want to change in 2018? One outcome that has been on my wish list forever is:


I’m guessing that most everyone reading this is familiar with the Serenity Prayer. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

There are some things that I have control over and many things that I do not.  For instance, I can’t control the fact that I’m aging and my hands are getting slower. So I could just accept that OR look deeper for a solution I can control.

I CAN control how I go about getting words on paper. Why is this important to me? Because I have a lot to say and only so much time to say it. And I have lots of things I want to do yet before I’m ready to retire. Just today I found a solution. It’s not the whole answer but it’s a start.

THE SOLUTION IS TO USE VOICE DICTATION ON MY IPAD. I don’t have to type. I can talk instead!

voice dictation example iPad

Did you know about this? I did, but I didn’t embrace it until now. I am surprised at how incredibly simple this is. You can turn your speech into text anytime your on-screen keyboard shows up on your screen.

Simply tap the microphone icon lower left  next to the  space bar and start talking. That is all there is to it! Try it out right now if you happen to be using an iPad and use voice dictation to talk your comment below and watch the text flow across the page as you speak.

To make use of this technology will require establishing a new habit and that may be the hardest part. I’m so used to typing everything instead of talking that my fingers automatically go for the keyboard. If I do manage to make the transition I think it will save time and allow me to talk to you through this blog on a regular basis and still get the other work done that I want to accomplish. It will be like hiring a virtual assistant!

The same idea applies to S.N.A.P. APP Business Tools for Tailoring Garments. It will save you time price quoting and invoicing on every order. However it will require making a change in the way you normally handle invoicing and quoting.

The TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN PRICING CHALLENGE WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT. The next challenge begins January 4th. Purchase SNAP Tools and you are automatically enrolled in the challenge. For more information, go to

If we continue to add ways to save time to our daily routines by using the best business tools available to us, our profits will inch their way upward. As the old saying goes: “Inch by inch is a cinch. Mile by mile is a trial.”

Share your time-saving tips in the comments below. Together we can fly higher.


Joyce Simons Murphy of JSM Tailoring Tools and



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  1. Linda Moore says:


    I have been using my little microphone on my iPhone and iPad for about three years now and have found it extremely helpful. It does save time; however, I find that Siri,my little secretary, often miss spells words or misunderstands what I’ve said and then I have to go back into the text and correct it. Having to do that, Kind of counteracts the time-saving factor. As you will see from this text, there are a few little mistakes and I have not taken time to go back and change them, so that you will see what I mean. I like the idea that I can also dictate punctuation marks, but Siri doesn’t understand when I say “return“. I’m wanting her to skip down to start a new paragraph, but Siri doesn’t understand that and simply types the word “return“. If you or someone else figures out a way to start a new paragraph, I would love to know how. As it is, I have to touch the little Keyboard icon To the right of the microphone and then actually touch The return key.

    So good to hear from you. Keep sharing your ideas on how to save time.

    Sincerely, Linda Moore

  2. Joyce Murphy says:

    Hi Linda, Nice to hear from you!
    Those voice commands do make a difference in how quickly voice dictation works. I’m finding too that correction is often needed. There’s that ‘ole learning curve again to get those work arounds in place.
    I Googled voice dictation (or maybe I said speech to text) commands and this is one of many resources I found. It is a great resource for referencing those handy voice commands to add punctuation. Here’s the link.
    Let me know if this helps. Way to go Linda for getting right in there and trying out new tools!

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