It’s all about the pants… the pants… the pants


There is this song called “All About That Bass” that sings of body image in a way that I can relate. The funny thing is I got the song stuck in my head before really listening to the lyrics and knowing what it was all about. (Use this link to check it out.

It was a natural transition to “It’s All About the Pants… the Pants… the Pants” in my head even before I understand how appropriate that was.

I’ve spent a lifetime fussing over pants fit and it all started because I thought in high school that I had a big booty and I was embarrassed about it. So here we are 50 years later still dealing with the same issues. But this time it is being sung out loud. Very cool!

Back then I made almost all my own clothes. Sewing was my hobby and I wasn’t the only one. In 1964 fabrics for garments were easy to come by. Every town had at least one fabric store and they all sold fabrics for clothes. Quilting fabrics were not so readily available. Our grandmothers used clothing fabric scraps to make quilts. And it was the grandmothers who quilted. Art quilts had yet to appear on the scene, but I digress.

My point is I thought because I sewed I could easily make pants that would fit over my back side and hide what I didn’t want others to see. Surprise! Surprise! Didn’t happen!!! What I discovered is that the pattern I chose to use didn’t fit me right out of the envelope. I was going to need to change it but didn’t have a clue as to how to do that even though I had successfully made my own prom dress and a few others and managed to fit them with my mother’s guidance.

Over the years I made another discovery. I needed to come to peace with my body before I could please myself with the clothes I made. Thus began my quest for the perfect fitting pant.

I was proud of my senior prom dress and jacket made with my own two hands. I still remember how it felt wearing it. It was made of embossed cotton and the blue taffeta jacket buttoned up the back and if I remember right it had dolman sleeves. And yes I married my high school sweetheart pictured here.


Joyce's senior prom dress "me made"

Joyce’s senior prom dress

senior-prom 3



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