Co-design, pin-fit, custom-grade and tailor-make beautiful pants that fit!


My head is filled with all the preparations I’m making for the newly revised pants course that starts next week on August 15th. This one will be the first one to carry the new name Fitting Pants 4U Master Course: co-design, pin-fit, custom-grade and tailor-make beautiful pants that fit!

The course moves from one step (class) into the next. Each class results in a tool to take into the next class. And the really cool thing is if you see it as a circle the first project leads back to step 1, but this time you have something wonderful to build off of for your next pair of pants.

To check out more about the course go to and click on the pants line-up picture that says Fitting Pants 4U Master Course to learn more.

And then tomorrow I want to talk about what I mean by co-design and why it is so important to start here. I have an idea I would like to try, but it won’t fly unless you like the idea too!

The 4 step pants making process


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