Alter pants when one hip is higher than the other


As I wrap up the pilot version of the Building the Custom Pants Block master course in pants making and get ready for the next session starting up soon, I continue to help students one at a time alter their pants for a perfect fit — my favorite part!

Often altering pants is met with resistance and I understand why. It is hard to rip those stitches that you just sewed in!  Alterations is a paradox. Altering pants (or any other garment for that matter) requires us to rip out work we have already done, in other words to back up.

In this case backing up is the very best way to move forward.

I guide students through the process of altering pants made in class to the point of fit satisfaction BEFORE adjusting the pattern. It works!!! And it works especially well when fitting the asymmetrical body as you will see in this video.

I encourage you to embrace alterations versus fighting them to take your sewing to the next level! I’m happy to help you!


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