Accept the Pricing Challenge in 2018


SNAP challenge fireworks

The first ever Take Charge of Your Own Pricing Challenge finished on Saturday to set the stage for  more in 2018 based upon the comments. For those who missed it a new session begins January 4th.

Linda Miller of Custom Alterations said, “This new price challenge is fantastic!”

Korinne Hill of K Hill’s Curvy Designs said, “Thank you so much for the lessons! They have been extremely valuable to me!! Not only have I found out that I am undercharging for just about everything that I have done for the past few years, but that I also need to pay myself for working the business.”

Taking the challenge will help you increase revenue and reduce expenses. Time is money. If each time you quote a price to a client it takes you 5 minutes less to look up the price and 5 minutes less to prepare and distribute the paperwork you have reduced your overhead, not by pennies, but by dollars. Dollars can add up to a significant chunk of change by year’s end. Shop our web store for all the particulars. Best wishes to all dressmakers and tailors in 2018!


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