About Joyce Simons Murphy

Joyce-Simons-MurphyJoyce Murphy established JSM Tailoring Tools in January 2000 as a business dedicated to helping those who tailor and design garments for a living or who teach others these skills, to find success in their chosen careers or sidelines.

Her business focus is on inventing new sewing and design systems and tools that make the most of time honored tailoring techniques and today’s technology, Joyce happily instructs anyone who is interested in learning her methods through writing and teaching.

Joyce owned and operated JSM Tailors, a full-service tailoring establishment providing alterations, dressmaking and made-to-measure suits on Bainbridge Island, Washington for 20 years. She found that there were problems to solve in order to make the business more profitable, but the best solutions often took more time than was available while actively running the business. Makeshift solutions were applied. A move from Washington to Michigan in 1999 provided Joyce with the opportunity she was looking for. Without a shop to run, she could shift her focus to working on the in-depth solutions that would really make a difference for similar businesses. A year later, JSM Patterns (renamed JSM Tailoring Tools) was born.

With a degree in Apparel Design from the School of Apparel Design and Development in Seattle, a degree in Special Education from Michigan State University, 20 years experience running a tailor shop, teaching, coursework in computers, a problem solving nature and enough tenaciousness to keep going, Joyce had what she needed to make it work.

As a charter member of the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals and a member of the American Sewing Guild, Joyce keeps her fingers on the pulse of the needs of businesses as well as individuals who sew for themselves. She operates a mail order business, writes forThreads magazine, helps home sewing enthusiasts achieve the illusive pants that fit and trains professionals in the use of her tailoring tools.