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Providing cutting edge education and support for sewing and design professionals who want to make pants.

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Welcome to the School of Custom Clothing and Alterations
- better known as SCCandA!

We are here to revolutionize the tailoring and sewing industry through state-of-the-art classes to help you hone your professional skills and business tools and education to allow you to run your business more efficiently. SCCandA will help you improve your quality of service and increase your bottom line!



Improve your skills and learn new ones with our ever growing selection of classes to help you grow your tailoring and design business


Tailoring Your Style

Helping people see the value in our human resources, recognize, honor and respect collaborative design, engineering, sewing and teaching talents. Raise the bar in building quality. Raise the bar in asking for what we need and building self respect.



If you are looking for standard sewing supplies or that one-of-a-kind item to support you in your sewing and design business, find it all right here.


A Personal Invitation from Joyce Simons Murphy: Make Pants with Me in 2017

Over the years, I have been working to find the perfect title to capture our trade. And then the light dawned! This quest is my quest. This is a personal need. I've been looking for the perfect title for me. Who am I? Who do I want to be when I finally grow up? What do I want to teach?" These are the question I'm asking myself at age 70.

Dressmaker? No. I don't wear dresses as a general rule and I've never been one to "dress up." That's just not me.

Tailor? Maybe, but tailor is so masculine and I want to express my feminine side. After all I am a woman.

Pantsmaker? Voila!!! That's IT!

I live in pants. I want to style them. I've been fitting them for years on every body type under the sun. I've written about them until I'm blue in the face and now I can stay at home and continue to teach for as long as I am able to get out of bed in the morning and put on pants. What an exciting adventure for a freelance educator!

If you are ready to begin your training as a Master Pantsmaker come join me. I will show you and tell you about what I know and then we can travel to new places as we build upon my base of knowledge together. The first course is ready with the next one not far behind! Please join me! You will be glad you did!

Contact me through e-mail or visit me on Facebook if you have questions about the pants courses. Or click here to go directly to courses and sign up today!